"About Microsoft Office 2007"

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The most commonly and widely used software application system related to productivity programs; Microsoft Office, is developed by Microsoft Corporation, for operating systems like Windows and Macintosh (Mac). Microsoft Office has been existent for more than a decade now, and had made its entry with a set of applications that were marketed individually. The primary applications of Microsoft Office for both Windows as well as Mac include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher. Microsoft Word is a word processor and its wide usage over other applications, makes it the most popular program of the Microsoft Office series. Microsoft Excel, is a spreadsheet program used widely to maintain accounts and calculations. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that is used to create slide shows with pictures, text, graphics, sound and other various multimedia features. Microsoft Outlook enables users to manage personal information and e-mails. Microsoft Publisher has built-in templates that help to create business cards, flyers, greeting cards and post-cards. The other application programs included as a part of Microsoft Office for Windows, with each advanced version, include Microsoft Access'”a database manager, Microsoft InfoPath'”to design rich XML-based forms, Microsoft FrontPage'”to design web pages, Microsoft Visio'”diagram software, Microsoft Office Picture Manager'”photo management, Microsoft Project'”to manage projects and Microsoft Office OneNote'”note making software. Entourage, the version of Outlook, is compatible with Mac. Microsoft Office is also inclusive of web associated applications like Update, Office Live, Office Online and Office Update. Office Online helps access extended features or help online if, offline access is disabled. Microsoft Office applications need to be upgraded too, whilst Operating Systems get upgraded. The various versions of Office so far include Office 3.0, 4.0, 4.2NT, 4.3, 7.0 or Office 95, Office 97/8.0, 2000, 2002/XP, 2003,2007 and the upcoming 2010,2013